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We often hear that we should go to the dentist every six months. Have you ever wondered why?

Brushing at Home isn’t Enough

Plaque and bacteria can build up between teeth and in other hard to reach areas. Only a dentist will be able to clean these areas. This is also because over time, plaque hardens and becomes difficult to remove. If left alone, this could also lead to the development of cavities and other oral problems.

Prevent Tooth Loss

The later a cavity is treated, the lower the tooth’s chances for survival. Regular dental checkups can ensure early identification of gum infections and periodontal disease.

Keep Things in Check

Visiting your dentist every six months means that soft plaque doesn’t have much of a chance to harden on the surface of your teeth, which can cause gum irritation and even lead to periodontal disease if it’s not taken care of quickly.

Your Mouth Tells a Bigger Story

Your mouth can say a lot about your general health. During your examination, your dentist will look for signs of possible oral cancer, diabetes, or vitamin deficiencies. If they suspect something is unusual, they can recommend follow-up appointments with specialists.

Save Money!

By getting a regular dental checkup, you’ll ensure that your stopping oral health issues before they begin. Taking necessary preventative measures allows you to avoid costly dental work down the road.

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