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Your teeth and gums require proper nutrition to function at their best. This means getting enough of the right kinds of minerals, which serve as building blocks for your teeth and their protective enamel. By sticking to the right foods, you can ward off cavities and reduce your risk of gum disease.

Green Tea

Research suggests that green tea can boost periodontal health by preventing bone resorption, reducing inflammation and inhibiting the growth of bacteria.


Sticky foods that can get between your teeth are often best to avoid. However, raisins can be an exception. According to a study out of Chicago College of Dentistry, raisins contain powerful phytochemicals that appear to fight off the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. 


This tasty spice contains natural plant oils called cinnamic aldehyde, which have been shown to kill oral bacteria.


Cranberries contain natural compounds that make it hard for bacteria to cling to surfaces. This same trait makes the little red berries a promising weapon against cavities. Researchers found that cranberry juice disrupts the formation of glucan, which acts as a building block for plaque.


With its strong calcium content, yogurt can help strengthen the protective enamel on your teeth. According to recent studies, it could also help alleviate bad breath by reducing odor-causing compounds inside the mouth. That being said, you should still avoid yogurts that contain lots of added sugar.

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