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Your child’s smile warms your heart. It’s also a key indicator of their oral (and overall) health. Keep it happy and healthy with these three tips for good pediatric oral care.

Brush Early and Gently

Wipe your baby’s gums, even before teeth come in, with a clean, damp washcloth to reduce harmful bacteria. As soon as those first teeth come in, they need to be brushed. Use a child-sized toothbrush with a fluoride toothpaste that has the American Dental Association’s (ADA) seal of approval. Use a tiny smear of toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice and brush gently twice per day. Be gentle but thorough.

Healthy food is a must

Oral bacteria feed on sugars and refined carbohydrates to produce acids that attack tooth enamel. The enamel is what stops harmful bacteria from infecting the teeth. Once bacteria gain access to the inner tooth, the bacteria can cause decay. Indulge your child’s sweet tooth with healthy snacks or juices that come from actual fruit. At mealtimes, swap out refined carbs with complex ones and add other food groups to complete the meal.

Be a Role Model

Brush and floss with your kids, rather than sending them into the bathroom on their own. Instead of treating it as a chore, make it part of the daily routine.

Schedule an Appointment

A child should see a dentist by their first birthday and continue with routine checkups every six months after that. This will help catch problems in their early stages and foster a positive relationship with the dentist. Give your child a sparkling smile today and healthy habits for tomorrow by scheduling an appointment today.