What Are Veneers

For a quick way to a beautiful smile, many people turn to veneers. But what exactly are veneers and why do people get them? To answer those questions and more, we take a deep dive into veneers.

Why Do People Get Veneers?

Used mainly to correct small misalignments, close gaps, or cover stained teeth, veneers are generally less intrusive than braces or crowns. Particular cases for veneers include (but aren’t limited to) injury, covering discolored fillings, issues with a root canal procedure, or unwanted spacing between teeth.

Veneers are constructed from porcelain or resin composite materials and placed on the front teeth. The procedure requires little to no anesthesia and lasts for many years.

How Do You Care for Veneers?

To avoid possible staining, be sure to brush right after consuming coffee, beets, wine, or other stain-inducing items.

Are you a tooth grinder? Then a custom mouth guard is a must. Be sure to get it created after your veneers have been placed, so the guard will fit snugly around your teeth. The same advice goes if you play contact sports—protect your new smile with a custom-made mouth guard. 

If you happen to chew on pens or your nails, now’s the perfect time to stop. Continuing these habits with veneers can lead to long-term damage. Be sure to make an effort to drop these habits to ensure the longevity of your beautiful new smile.

Are veneers the right choice for you? Book an appointment today and Dr. Fernandez will be happy to review your circumstance and point you in the right direction.