Tooth Fairy Ideas for Parents

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Parents

When it comes to creating an unforgettable tooth fairy experience, the internet is abuzz with incredible ideas. Here are our top three tooth fairy ideas for parents who want to go the extra mile.

Tooth Fairy Door

tooth fairy door

A cute addition to any tooth fairy story, a tooth fairy door gives a private entrance for your child’s magical friend. It’s easy to install and comes in a variety of exciting colors.

Send a Tiny Letter

tiny tooth fairy letters

Have your child tell the story of how they lost their tooth in their own words with a tiny letter. The perfect size for a fairy, these tiny letters are fully customizable. Your kids (and you!) will love them. Bonus: You can send a tiny package with a letter and an item of your choice.

Make Your Own Tooth Fairy Plushie

tooth fairy plushie

This one is fun for the whole family. Build your own tooth fairy, complete with a backpack for storing the tooth…and for the tooth fairy to slip in surprises in exchange for the lost tooth. The soft stuffing and slim profile make this toy comfortable enough to keep under your child’s pillow while they sleep.

Want Your Best Smile?

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