A long-term happy and healthy smile takes more than regular brushing, flossing, and trips to the dentist. It also requires limiting foods that can be damaging to your teeth. Here are 5 bad foods for your teeth you should consider consuming in small quantities.


Sorry to break it to you, pickle lovers: The vinegar in your favorite crunchy snack can pose a serious risk to your teeth. Without proper hygiene, the acid in pickles can cause enamel erosion.

Carbonated Drinks

Both sugary and diet versions of carbonated drinks can be tough on your teeth. That’s because carbonated sodas enable plaque to produce more acid, which attacks tooth enamel—with carbonated drinks, you’re essentially coating your teeth in acid.

Sour Candy

Like pickles and carbonated drinks, sour candy also contains acids that can damage your smile. Chewy sour candy has the additional hindrance of sticking to your teeth, increasing the amount of time acid is in direct contact with them. If you’re craving sweets, reach for something less sticky that can wash away quickly, like chocolate.


We all know overconsumption of alcohol can lead to long-term health problems. It can also cause dry mouth, which creates a breeding ground for teeth-damaging bacteria.


When’s the last time you ate popcorn and something didn’t get stuck in your teeth? Popcorn is a tricky snack that can linger between your smile and generate massive amounts of bacteria. Also, crunchy kernels have been known to cause cracks in teeth and even cuts in gum lines.

Keep Your Smile Healthy

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