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BondingDental bonding is generally thought of as a cosmetic procedure, although composite resin fillings are completed using the same process. Dental bonding is performed to restore the natural shape of the tooth using a composite resin that matches the color of the tooth. Whether the tooth is misshapen due to accidental damage or discolored, bonding can be an inexpensive way to restore the tooth to its original shape and natural color.

The bonding procedure is usually quick and can be done in one visit. Dr. Fernandez or Dr. Cox will select a resin composite shade that most closely matches the color of your teeth. The dentist will prepare your tooth by etching the surface to roughen it and will apply a light coating of conditioning liquid which will help the bonding material adhere. The resin, putty-like, material is then applied to the tooth and molded to the appropriate shape. It is hardened using a blue light. Once it is hard, the dentist will shape it as needed and will polish it to match your natural teeth.