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TeethWhiteningWe make custom teeth whitening trays and supply the bleaching gel here in the office for you to use at home. Dr. Fernandez or Dr. Cox will take a digital or conventional impression of your teeth which he will use to make the whitening trays. You will apply bleaching gel into your trays and will wear them 30 minutes every day for 2 weeks. Apply the gel into the trays sparingly, focusing on your smile area, so that the gel does not spill over the trays onto your gums. If there is excess gel on your gums, wipe it away with your finger or a toothbrush.

You may notice a little tooth sensitivity during the whitening process. If the pain is persistent, stop the bleaching process and contact our office. We may be able to adjust your treatment regimen to help with the discomfort. If there are any other troublesome side effects, please call our office as well so we can help you alleviate them.

Teeth whitening is a process and you will gradually see your teeth becoming whiter as you complete the treatment.