We all want healthier teeth. After all, our smile says a lot about who we are. Be the best version of yourself with these 5 tips for healthier teeth.

Brush Twice…Every Day

Brushing before bed helps clear out the food and drinks you’ve consumed throughout the day, while a good morning brush cleans out the night’s bacteria and freshens up that “morning breath.” Each has its own benefits, and combined they can help prevent cavities and give you your best smile.

Floss More

We admit, flossing can be hard. The trick is to incorporate it into your routine. Want to know how? Check out these three tricks to flossing every day.

Chew an Apple

Not only is fruit a great substitute for sugary drinks (which we talk about in-depth in this blog post) it also helps clean your teeth while providing Vitamin C to kill bacteria. An added bonus: it also helps fix bad breath.

Stop Smoking. Now.

The many carcinogens (a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue) in cigarettes can cause major discoloration and lead to tooth decay. Smoking also inhibits the body’s natural restorative processes, making it more time-consuming to recover from surgeries and can create further complications, especially with procedures involving dental work. Learn more about the effects of smoking here.

See Your Dentist for Regular Check-Ups

To keep your smile at its best, be sure to visit a dentist twice a year. Get your appointment on the books today by scheduling online or giving us a call at 757-497-4825.